The Lighthouse

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A small/medium sized map for Killing floor with A lot of custom content

This Map is a GameBanana Exclusive (GBX)!

You Sir! you like hardworked on levels for free? what you don't? are you crazy? well your here anyways so you must be! come download this level for no reason at all with no intent to play it! YAA!!!

ok bad jokes are done D:

Ive been working on this level for little more then 4 months. i spent over 200 hours in unrealED. (not including photoshop and softimage!) When i started this all i wanted todo was to learn unrealED. I made a Wip thread (link Below) for feedback and stuff, (since i never did one) i put it off for that TF2 artpass contest awhile back. then i started it up again. but when i started learning how to model and how to create textures. it then turned into "how much stuff can i make for this?!?!" kind of thing. i made a lot of models and textures (which im giving away) so please enjoy my level ive worked very hard for your enjoyment!

Story of the level: After Several days of traveling across open water this is the first land you see. You and your group thought there might be a safe haven in the America's to make refuge and get supply's, but after making to the dock you know you made a mistake coming here. Fight to survive because you may not be able to leave!

Wip Thread:</a>

All my models/textures! (its big :O) :</a>


screenshots i couldnt fit:</a></a>

I hope you enjoy my map!


5/4/2011 Finalv3

Thank you oliver for find all these exploits!

-improved pathing in the lighthouse

-added collision brushes to several static meshes

-players can no loger go over the fence in the back of the house

-blocked areas so players cant exploit them

thank you again oliver!


update: just re uploaded the map with compressed textures. No change to the map version!

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  • brutus_buckeye's Levels
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    Posted 2 years ago

    This is just beautiful. So much work put into it. Its a shame that not a lot of ppl make custom maps for KF. I think its because Killing Floor is such an under rated game. I know theres not a lot that play it, but its just one of the games that a gem

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  • Revers3's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 1,884
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      Account Age: 2 years
    Posted 2 years ago

    That months job is GREAT

    Scary map for a brutal killing I like it :)

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Original Authors
Level Design/environment art
Special Thanks
Olivier - YoYoBatty - nath2009UK - Murphy - J.D.* - Faildell - Slavek - Fel - Frank - saberlin - tater - vaapad - MaddCabbie - MONKEH - Demon_333 - JEmmaB - sgtHermann - FSUBoo
feedback/support: thank you guys for answering my questions and all the support you gave me! you guys are awesome


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